Blind passenger on board

In recent years, global travel has risen sharply and bedbugs (lat. Cimex lectularius) are increasingly being carried from place to place unnoticed by holidaymakers. The small parasites thus develop into an ever-increasing plague in the hotel and cruise industry and not only in private households.

Since the bedbugs hide in small crevices and cracks in furniture, beds and carpets, etc., they are not easy to discover.

Therefore it is very difficult to detect an infestation quickly. However, there are typical signs with which one can identify an infestation of the small bloodsuckers beyond doubt. Then fast action is required, because otherwise they will spread rapidly as a result. Early intervention not only reduces costs, long downtimes and the associated loss of sales, but also prevents a loss of image and trust that would have serious consequences for the company. Therefore, it is important to recognize an infestation as early as possible and to get professional help.

We take care of a professional and effective removal of the unpleasant pest infestation and make sure that your ship, hotel or guesthouse can return to normal daily routine as quickly as possible. It is our goal to keep the interference of your business as low as possible.