Our professional disinfectants eliminate bacterial germs, viruses and fungi from your rooms, flooring, upholstery and objects after contamination. We disinfect reliably and discretely after e.g. norovirus infections in commercial buildings, hotels, schools as well as cruise ships.

Noroviruses are responsible for most of the non-bacterial gastrointestinal infections. Often noroviruses are the cause for outbreaks of severe vomiting and diarrhoea in hospitals, homes for the elderly, nursing homes and other community institutions such as day care centers for children. Regrettably it happens more often on cruise ships and in hotels as well.

The worst about the Norovirus is its rapid spreading among residents, patients, staff, passengers and members of the crew. Whole facilities and units have to be closed, cruises need to be canceled, recruitment stops because of the high rate of absence due to infection among the crew members. All this leads to significant shortages and serious economic repercussions. Since there is no vaccination available or any specific medicine to prevent infections, the only way of protection is hygiene and in acute situations disinfection.