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Carpet cleaning

We’ll get your carpet back in shape!

Not all carpets that show heavy signs of wear have to be replaced. Frequently, cleansing is the more economical alternative. It will prolong the persistence and will help cut costs on the regular cleaning.

The carpet is accessible and can be walked on directly after cleaning. There is no need to wait until the carpet has dried.

Advantages of cleaning:

  • no business interruption
  • saves costs
  • treats resources with care

Our tip

Protect your budget with clean-off floor coverings

Advantages of clean-off coverings:
  • Preservation of value through protection of high-quality floor coverings behind clean-off zones
  • Reduced cleaning costs due to less dirt and moisture
  • Environmentally friendly due to lower chemical and water consumption
  • Prestigious appearance is retained
  • Advertising medium (e.g. company logo)
  • Information carrier (e.g. “Please keep your distance”)

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